Football Manager 2024

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This section will be updated once the series begins.

First episode expected Wednesday 15 May 2024.



These are the rules I’ll be following for my upcoming YouTube series.

The Aim

To start out at the geographically closest club to your front door in the lowest playable league in your country and rise up to become the greatest manager in the world.

The Rules

  • You must start in the lowest playable league in your country, at the geographically closest club to your front door
  • Every decision you make in the save should be based on what you would do if it were all real. So you can, and probably should, look to move clubs to progress your career – no one becomes manager of Gainsborough Trinity with a plan to win the Champions League with them, it’s a stepping stone to a better job, and that’s how it should be treated in game
  • If a club offers you more money to go and manage them, and they’re within a geographical distance that makes the switch realistic based on the money you’re being offered, then you need a very solid, realism based reason, not to take the job. Equally, if you get sacked in England and the next job you’re offered is in Argentina for £300 a week, then you probably can’t accept, because would you realistically move all that way for that kind of money?
  • You’ve got bills to pay – you shouldn’t be resigning from clubs unless you’ve got another job lined up, ever. Unless you’re already so rich from previous jobs that things like this no longer matter to you
  • Within those guidelines, you can move around the world as you wish, although realistically it won’t be until you’re a fairly high profile manager who can command a lot of money – getting sacked doesn’t mean game over, it means it’s time to look for a new job
  • You should only sign players identified by your scouts, coaches, or in game news reports – i.e. those you’d be realistically expected to know about. We don’t touch the player search screen in a Grassroots to Greatness save. And we especially don’t touch the staff search screen – staff should be signed using the job centre or your director of football – the game is so heavily based on the quality of your scouts that it loses realism if you cherry pick all the scouts with 20 judging ability while you’re still in non-league
  • Tactics and training should be your own creations – downloaded tactics aren’t realistic, you should learn how to get results through trial and error. As far as training goes, if you don’t understand how to do it, figure it out through trial and error or leave it to your assistant manager.
  • When you start the game, your manager stats should be set by ticking the box for most appropriate for your club, which as you’re starting at the bottom, should be pretty low!

And NO using of the In-Game Editor!

These rules have been adopted from Lollujo’s Non-League to Legend series.