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Accessing Cuppaland

The Cuppa Club Minecraft Server is now a Modded server, therefore there are a few things you need to do to be able to continue enjoying Cuppaland and Brew York.

To access the Cuppaland Minecraft Server for the first time you need to follow these instructions (assuming you already own the game):

Install Java (if it’s not already on your computer)

Download NeoForge
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
NeoForge Version: 20.4.214 (this is very important as any other version will not work on our server)

Install NeoForge
Right-click on the NeoForge app you downloaded and select Open with Java. When prompted install it as Client.

Download the Mod files
Download the following Mod files by Clicking Here (last updated April 16, 2024)
This Mod list will be updated at various points so if you are unable to join the server due to missing mods please check here.

Xaero’s WorldMap
Xaero’s MiniMap
Ultimate Car Mod
Ultimate Plane Mod

Extract the .jar file and place the four contained files directly into the Minecraft mods folder (C:\Users\{YOUR NAME}\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods). Do not extract these. You should now have four files in your mod folder.

Launch the Minecraft launcher
Once it’s loaded select Neoforge from the dropdown menu to the left of the Play button. Then press Play.

You only need to complete the following steps if you’ve never been in the Cuppa Club Minecraft Server before.

When the game has loaded select Multiplayer.

Press Add Server and enter the following
Server name: Cuppaland
Server address:

Once you’ve done all this post your gamertag in the Cuppa Club’s Minecraft Discord channel and we can whitelist you as soon as an admin/mod is online.

And now you can enjoy Cuppaland!