Am I seriously losing the plot?

So this happened today.

I was chatting with my Dad on the phone today, we don’t speak as often as I’d like but when we do we’re talking for hours, today’s call was around 90 mins. Yesterday’s was around 85 mins and the previous one (a month ago) was almost five hours. Anyway at the end of today’s call we were saying about how hungry and thirsty we were. We both agreed to make ourselves a cup of tea (of course, it’s always tea!) and a sandwich.

After we hung up I walked through to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I returned to the home office (also known as the dining room for normal people) to wait for the kettle to boil. Once the kettle had boiled I walked back through to the kitchen – without my cup!

“For f*ck’s sake.”

I return to the office/dining room. My phone beeped so I sat down to read, and reply to, a work email I’d received. I stood once more and returned to the kitchen to make my cuppa – without the cup again!

“Oh for f*ck’s sake!”

I stomp back to the office, grab my cup and return to the kitchen. I make the cuppa and return to the office – WITHOUT MY CUP OF TEA!

“For f*ck’s sake, what is wrong with you?”

Again I walk back to the kitchen, grab my cup of tea, and carry it back to the office. I set it down on my desk beside my PC keyboard and then head up the stairs to pee. I retrace my steps back down the stairs, pass the office and walk straight into the kitchen. Where’s my cup of tea? IT’S IN THE F*CKING OFFICE!

“Jesus, Gary, you are losing the plot!”

I take the walk of shame back to the office, plonk myself down on my chair and send my Dad a text message explaining this whole episode. He replies with “Welcome to my world” followed by…

“What about your sandwich?”


In other news I forgot to breathe the other day. And some people don’t believe I have ADHD.

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